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At ESMT Consulting we offer call center solutions based on Genesys

Integration to Genesys

Take advantage of integrating your customer service departments with the Genesys platform. Unify communications and eliminate communication errors with a single customer experience platform that integrates with CRM systems, desktop applications for customer service agents and WFO (workforce optimization), and case management systems.

Custom development

Because every company is a different story, at ESMT Consulting we adapt to your needs. We adapt the Genesys platform to your work structure with customized development that allows a personalized experience for both your sales agents / customer service and for your customers. Make your communications the engine that allows you to prop up your products or services.

Advice and support

Customer satisfaction is our guarantee for the future, and therefore, is our top priority. All our clients enjoy our advisory services and support, before, during and after the implementation of our solutions. This makes ESMT Consulting a reference company focused on making our clients successful experiences.

Sustained maintenance

All of our implementations under the Genesys platform have the necessary follow-up to assure our clients that their communications are cutting-edge. Our team of experts are in charge of supporting and executing all the processes, both updates and revisions, that allow keeping the solutions implemented for our clients updated.

Our team is highly trained in the following areas of knowledge

  • Extensive knowledge in the management of the Genesys Platform and Solutions (Inbound, Outbound, GVP, IWD, EServices, Social Media, Routing, Infomart, GI2, GSS, Composer, ORS, WFM, SDKs, BEP, Proactive).
  • Solid Knowledge and Database Management: MS SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Solid knowledge in Programming.
  • Solid knowledge in the management and maintenance of Operating Systems (Windows, Linux and Unix).
  • Development of Customer Service Applications (CRM).
  • Knowledge in Quality Systems eTalk (Recorder - Qfiniti), Witness, GIR (Genesys Interaction Recording).
  • Knowledge of the Altitude Suite.
  • Knowledge in TCP / IP and networks.
  • Solid experience in the area of development and application design of Audio Response Systems Periphonics (IVR).
  • Solid experience in the area of application support of Audio Systems answer Genesys Voice Portal (IVR).
  • Solid knowledge in Programming as:
    •Java (JDBC, EJB, Web Services)
  • Specialists in business application development with Java SE / EE.
  • Extensive knowledge and solid experience in the installation, configuration and support of MediaGateway servers - AudioCode Mediant 2000. SIP and MGCP protocol management.
  • Extensive knowledge and solid experience in the installation, configuration and support of Signaling Gateway SS7 servers - OpenIN Base7. SIP, ISUP protocol handling.

Advantages of working with us

There are several advantages to choosing ESMT Consulting as a provider for conducting operations in the management of the Genesys Platform (CTI and GVP), these advantages are both in the technical order, as well as in the business order.

We have extensive knowledge of the environment and market in which the operation and management of the Genesys platform is developed. Additionally we add the market knowledge and the particular trends in the different countries, given that most of the projects where the team that forms ESMT Consulting has participated, have been developed in these areas.

We are experts in all aspects that make life in the Contact Center business. ESMT Consulting, recognizes the importance of the definition of technological projects from the point of view of the business and not only from the point of view of the technology itself. For this reason, it has incorporated resources from the Genesys Platform (CTI and GVP) whose experience is the management, operation and maintenance of the Contact Centers.

At ESMT Consulting, we work on the following premises:

  • The Genesys Platform projects (CTI and GVP) are technology integration projects. They are not just product implementation projects.
  • Clients requires trained resources that support and accompany them in the management of the operation of the Genesys Platform (CTI and GVP) installed.
  • Clients requires trained resources, which advise them to improve their platform, their business lines, to automate solutions, to be efficient in business processes.


Genesys CIM8 Troubleshooting for Support (2)

Genesys Certified Outbound Voice 8 Consultant

Genesys Certified Composer Voice Applications 8 Developer (2)

Genesys Certified Voice Platform 8 Consultant (2)

Consultant, Genesys Inbound Voice 8

Genesys Certified e-Services 8 Consultant

Genesys Intelligent Workload Distribution 8.5 Consultant

Genesys Certified Info Mart 8 Consultant

From the hand of our allies, our success stories

At ESMT Consulting we want to know more about your needs.

Tell us about your company and what you want to achieve, our team of advisors will always be ready to assist you.

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